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Covering All Your Needs

Are lashes included in the price?

Individual cluster lashes or strip lashes are included in the price. If you wish to have them.

Who pays for the Artist Travel?

The Artist travel is covered by the client. Travel is  only charged after the first 15 miles at 40p a mile.

What can I expect from my trial?

Trials are the absolute perfect opportunity for you to try out different styles and find the perfect look for your special day. There is no time limit to your trial as i'm passionate about finding that unique style tailored to you.

What can I expect on the morning of my wedding day?

On the morning of your wedding we will follow the schedule of timings that I have sent to you prior to your wedding day. 

I will arrive 20 minutes before getting started so I have time to set up my kit.

I will stay till you leave for your wedding to apply any finishing touches. 


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